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Important Tips to Care for Trees and Prevent Property Damage

May 27


Trees are a vital part of any landscape. They add beauty to the property, keep it cool during summer, improve the quality of air as well as shade, cut down on the cost of energy, and boost the value of your property. If they're not properly maintained and cared for, trees can cause havoc on your house and family. Tree maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining your home.

Safety Considerations

According to the National Storm Damage Center, falling trees are the cause of over a billion dollars in property damage every year. An approach that is proactive to maintaining trees is the best way to reduce tree-related damage, including power loss and injuries, blocked gutters, and plumbing problems due to root intrusions. Properly trimmed and maintained trees are less likely to fall and cause damage during an event. Georgetown Tree Service keeps trees healthy and well-maintained to minimize the risk of property damage.



Pruning and trimming properly is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of trees. Overgrown trees can be unattractive and attract insects. They can also obscure other plants and cause damage to nearby structures. Small tree cutting services near me has the necessary tools and equipment , and can periodically trim damaged, weak or dying branches to avoid a dangerous situation that could arise during stormy weather conditions. Common tree pruning techniques include crown reduction, crown thinning to crown cleaning, crown maintenance, and pollarding. Regularly pruning keeps trees healthy, improves their appearance, increases the growth rate of large trees, allows sufficient sunlight and decreases the risk that a tree falls accidentally.


Always check trees for signs of disease and other damages

Watching the trees on the property carefully for signs of illness and damages is vital to spot issues and take swift action. The trees with damaged roots are more likely to fall onto the property during a storm. Look out for warning signs like hollowness decay, limbs that are touching power lines, the growth of mushrooms soil erosion, low-hanging branches that are touching roofs, damaged branches, and cross branches. You should call an expert in the tree industry in your area to evaluate the situation and decide if it needs to be removed.


Remove dead or weak trees

It is advised to eliminate dead, sick, or weak trees from the property. Also, you should consider taking out trees too close to structure. Removal of hazardous trees reduces their chances of coming down in the event of a storm and cause injuries and damage. A tree removal service is able to safely remove trees that show signs of decay. Stumps encourage pest infestations and pose a risk to tripping. Tree service Georgiatown can also take down trees that pose a risk.


Make sure your trees are flourishing and secure your home

Regular tree maintenance helps homeowners from a myriad of difficulties and costly repairs later. A little bit of tree care can go an immense way in protecting your property. A tree service professional will take care of every aspect of tree care and maintenance so that your property is protected. They ensure that trees are healthy all year round and don't cause damage to vehicles, power lines or roofs.


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